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Camtasia and MP4s for Media Matte Washes

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Fifteen unique animated media matte washes (also known as masks) that can add depth and texture to your videos. These matte/masks can be used with Camtasia or any other video editing software with a media matte feature.



(2) Camtasia .libzip files(2021 and 2022) containing (5) 1080x1080, (5) 1080x1920, and (5) 1920x1080 media matte washes

(15) MP4 files containing (5) 1080x1080, (5) 1080x1920, and (5) 1920x1080 media matte washes

(1) Training Video (Link in Read Me document)

(1) Read Me Document (PDF)

(1) TSVA License Document (PDF)

You will receive a ZIP (127MB) file



Library Assets for Camtasia 2021 and Camtasia 2022 and later

(Note: Camtasia 2023 and later versions will open both files)

MP4 files for video editing platforms that have a media matte feature

Total of (2) .lipzip files and (15) MP4 files






Camtasia© is made by TechSmith Corporation™. This is an independent library asset or template for Camtasia, created and designed by TopShelfVideoAssets. TopShelfVideoAssets is not associated with TechSmith Corporation.



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You will get a ZIP (127MB) file